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Sports Action

With Bovada’s Sportsbook, you are easily looking at having your pick from a selection of 25+ markets, spanning hundreds and thousands of selections.

Straightforward betting, coupled with live, in-play action, allows you to wait and pounce when the odds are right, based on the action as it unfolds, or place a wager for the future, well ahead of kick-off.

Not all Bovada’s sports markets can be played as live, in-play options. For mainstream sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, UFC/MMA, and tennis, this is no issue. Motorsports such as NASCAR seldom feature here, though. You won’t have the ability to cash out early or watch live streaming of any events you’ve had a punt on, but you can follow the action as it occurs in a stats center. Just read the FAQ before betting on live bets, as there are specific rules surrounding delayed events, overtime, playoffs, and cancelled competitions. These are expressed clearly but are undoubtedly worth glancing over, so you aren’t surprised by anything.


In terms of fairness, Bovada has a strict line adjustment policy. This is designed to keep things open and exciting for players but make things trickier for sports betting pros to take advantage of the bookmaker.

Ultimately, any sports bettor who “wins too much” could easily find themselves suffering from a lack of bonuses and reduced lines that make bets less attractive. This has caused a bit of a stir and a controversy about fairness. The alternative would mean that Bovada would have to shorten its odds to offset professional bettors, and that would disadvantage pros and amateurs alike. This is unlikely something that will trouble seasonal and casual bettors but may make skilled vets think twice.


Odds formats can be changed at Bovada, which isn’t always the case at rival US-facing sportsbooks. This bookmaker naturally displays odds in American format by default.

However, for bettors who prefer wagering on soccer, tennis, or European sports, it may be worth switching to decimal odds. Having the option undoubtedly makes things easier. Another nice touch is the use of singles and multiples on the same betting slip. This allows you to place “out there” multiples, make combination bet parlays (accumulators), and potentially increase your share of the spoils, albeit at a decreased chance of success.

Bet Limits

You will encounter limits on bets. Any stake you wager on sports events at Bovada must be worth at least $0.50. Bet caps can vary depending on your selected sport.

 For instance, NFL stakes are typically capped at $5,000 for spreads and $2,500 for money lines. This dips to $2,000 – $2,500, and $1,000, respectively with NBA, college ball, and NHL stakes. Baseball bets are the oddball here, with caps of a grand for spread betting, two grand for money lines, and a grand for everything else. Other betting options – including tennis, MMA, golf, boxing and more – can have varying limits of $500 to $2,000. It is worthwhile checking these before you wager, and as mentioned above, Bovada has handy guides and FAQs to help you do that.

Author: Jon Peterson